Wärtsilä BNWAS Platinum

Wärtsilä BNWAS Platinum is a full featured Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System as required by IMO Carriage requirements. The BNWAS Platinum can be installed on both new vessels and existing vessels by simple installation procedures, and is suitable for vessels of any size. BNWAS Platinum complies with the performance standard „IEC 62616 Ed.1: Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment and systems - Bridge navigational watch alarm system (BNWAS)“ and MSC.128(75).

    • Main alarm panel with dimming
    • Accommodation alarm panels
    • Assist call facility
    • Motion sensors
    • Reset pushbuttons
    • Activate switch (with optional key lock)
    • Remote activate/control from captain’s cabin
    • Reset timer inputs from Radar etc.
    • Force activate by steering gear / Trackpilot etc.
    • Flexible interfaces and IO amount
    • User-friendly
    • Easy installation
    • Stand-alone or integrated into Wärtsilä NACOS Platinum
    Technical Data

    Controller and IO

    DPU 2010 is the main controller, containing typically 30 to 200 I/O's. NMEA channels and In/out modules are added according to project requirements. IO/Serial lines interface to alarm inputs (Steering Gear, ARPA...) and timer buttons, warning flash/horn etc.

    Bridge Alarm Panel

    BAP 2200 Bridge Alarm Panel is the main control station for acknowledge and alarm management. Optionally a bridge alarm panel can be installed in the captains cabin, thus providing the captain with extended control/monitoring.

    Officers / Public Panels

    AAP 2010 officers / public panels are cost effective, network connected (redundant RS 485) panels with display of 10 alarm groups, horn, stop horn button and assist call indication in addition to Alarm indication.

    Motion Sensors

    Motion sensors are detecting the presence of human activity on the bridge as adviced by MSC.128(75).

    Reset push buttons

    Reset push buttons are used to reset the timer. Push buttons includes a lamp, so when warning time is active, the navigator is alerted by the flashing lamp.
    BNWAS Platinum complies with following standards: IMO A.694(17), IMO A.830(19), IMO MSC 128(75), IEC 62616, IEC 60945, IEC 62288, IEC 61162. And it is type approved by major classification societies.

    The Wärtsilä BNWAS Platinum Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System is both an advanced alarm system and monitoring system of “Navigator Fitness”.

    By monitoring bridge activity by means of user interaction and physical movement in the bridge area (motion sensor), the system can detect operator disability and alert backup Navigators to the Bridge area, thus participating in the safe operation of the vessel to help avoiding accidents.

    Backup Navigators can be alerted in a configurable way (following rules and regulations), i.e. captain’s cabin can be alerted in parallel to the bridge and different officers cabins can be selected to be on duty for 1.st stage back-up call alarms. All control and handling of alarm system, backup call functions and timer settings are performed at the Bridge Alarm Panel located centrally in the bridge console.

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