Wärtsilä APSS consoles

The WAPSS consoles solution is reflecting an innovative way of thinking the consoles, in compliance with marine directives and regulations, driving a considerable impact towards innovation and ergonomics.The consoles layout are engineered taking into considerations following point:

  • Different scenario (navigation, maneuvering, harbor, emergency, maintenance…)
  • Ergonomic and user friendly interface to operators
  • Subdivision based on different assignment of operators
  • Quick reaction on emergency situation
  • Technology innovation

We deliver customized consoles for Engine control Room, Bridge and special purposes both for new buildings and refits  

    Key Benefits
    • 3D CAD tools for mechanical drawings
    • Electrical drawings
    • Ergonomic study of composed solutions
    • Advanced HMI integration (videowall, tactical table…)
    • Customized realization and painting
    • Equipment installation before product delivery
    • Application of different materials such as Corian®

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