Communication systems for connectivity solution
Connectivity Solution

Communication systems for connectivity solution

The Wärtsilä Connectivity Solution is the premium choice when it comes to communication solutions. Whether it's broadband internet, VOIP systems or one of the many value added services – we have what you need! SAILOR, KVH, Intellian, Inmarsat, Iridium and many more; we work with the best suppliers so you get the best service. Our communication solutions will improve your business, as well as adding convenience and pleasure to crew and passengers onboard ships of all types. From a stand-alone system to a fully integrated one, from yachts to offshore vessels and platforms, we have the right system for your specific needs.


  • Tailor made flexible airtime contracts
  • Global VSAT coverage
  • Affordable & unlimited data backup services
  • Attractive Leasing solutions
  • Value adding service


Wärtsilä offers numerous options for keeping your vessel connected at all times. One of the biggest advantages is our multi-branded portfolio. We have partnered with renowned global suppliers to bring you the best deals possible. Need more than one option to choose from? We have dozens! You have a specific brand or system in mind? We supply them all! From a basic shared internet connection all the way to a complete, high bandwidth guaranteed connectivity solution. Wärtsilä can offer the system your ship needs. Inmarsat connections are commonly used as backup options to keep you connected, even in the most remote places. Ku-band VSAT connections offer high speed internet, VoIP (Voice-over-IP) and entertainment options for you and your crew.


We offer our customers systems that specifically meet the needs of each particular vessel and its crew.

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Thanks to the global availability of VSAT and worldwide coverage with Iridium, our customers can communicate safely and without risk anywhere.

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We have numerous services which can bring extra value to your connectivity solution.

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Wärtsilä provides a full range of maritime and land-based communication services, including VSAT, broadband, telephony, internet, emails, onboard communications, and much more."


Swift Drilling
VSAT installation for Swift Drilling rig enables uninterrupted operations
Rolldock Storm - slide
Rolldock Storm
Turnkey solution provides Rolldock Shipping with global communication coverage
Arklow Cadet-reference-slide
Arklow Shipping
Comprehensive connectivity solutions provided for new Arklow Shipping fleet
DEME Group
Fast track delivery of communication services for major dredging project
Through our exclusive satellite provider partnerships which are both owner and operator of the teleport facility and platforms Wärtsilä can truly guarantee its service levels."

All over the world

To ensure that you get the best service available, Wärtsilä has an extensive global service network. If – for any reason – you have a problem with your connection, our service team engineers are there to help you; on the spot, around the world, and around the clock.



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