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Communication, Safety & security
For a high level of comfort and protection

Communication, safety & security systems

Safety and security systems are more important these days than ever before. Everything, the ship itself, its cargo, the crew and the passengers, all have to be protected and controlled. Communication solutions enhance both the comfort as well as the safety levels on board. Our product range includes equipment which can be delivered in various formats, from a single stand-alone system to a fully integrated system.

We are specialists in what we do and are aware of the many requirements and special regulations set by the relevant marine authorities, while always paying attention to the customers’ needs.

Safety and security are major concerns for every ship operator. We understand precisely the requirements concerning crew, passenger and goods, and are able to ensure compliance with all regulations."

Products & solutions

Communication systems for connectivity solution

We are a leading provider of communication solutions and we can engineer and integrate the optimal solution for your needs.

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Safety systems

Safety is of priority importance for the ship, its crew, passengers, and goods being transported.

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Security systems

We are providing not only the basics, we are also able to provide highly integrated security system with all kind of interior and exterior perimeters.

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Should technical problems occur, an immediate response is vital. Our 24/7 hotline guarantees that you get qualified support without delay. Our call agents have full access to our data base and will make sure that your service call is immediately transferred to our technical support or service experts.

Should you need assistance, please call our support hotline at: 
+49 (0) 180 600 85 53 (24 hrs)


Our scope ranges from highly sophisticated and proven system installations to standardised systems and individual products for retrofit applications."

Radio survey

Our Radio Survey is approved by all leading classification societies, and is made available at competitive rates. Our trained technical experts are well versed with the compliance terms of the various societies, and can recommend the most cost-effect solution for meeting the stringent standards.

Antenna arrangement


Wärtsilä has the experience to recommend optimized antenna arrangements in line with the needs of the customer. Our specialists expertly seek an efficient compromise between the various topside sub-systems so as to ensure the least possible degradation in overall performance.

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