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Safety systems
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Safety Systems

Safety is an essential requirement for all ships, their crews, passengers, and goods in transport. Regulations by flag states and classification authorities are setting ever higher levels of safety.

We understand these safety requirements and are fully aware of special regulations relating to specific shipping sectors, such as cruise ships, oil and gas industry vessels, and other individual vessel types. 

Our safety and internal communication technologies include:

  • Fire detection
  • Safety management (SMS)
  • Public address and general alarm PA/GA
  • Automatic telephone
  • DECT/wireless telephony
  • Talk back
  • Small alarms (hospital/sauna/cold store/lift/disabled persons)

fire detection
Wärtsilä provides the expertise and full scope of services needed to address all your safety needs.”

    Fire detection

    Wärtsilä’s experts can design an integrated detection and alarm system that includes the control panel, detectors, alarms, and other components necessary for a comprehensive fire safety solution. Wärtsilä has developed a unique detection system that is nearly invisible and ideally suited for themed and other interior environments where traditional detectors would detract from the design intent.
    fire detection safety

    Safety management (SMS)

    Safety management (SMS) describes the basic document set for each vessel‘s safety strategy. Due to the increasing complexity of safety systems, the number of systems, the amount of sensor information, and the increasing size of ships, an easy to handle system with the functionality of predefined emergency solutions is needed onboard. The system, with integrated sub-systems, will be the main monitoring and control platform for nearly all safety and security systems.

    Public address and general alarm PA/GA

    Our systems can be customised to meet site specific requirements, and always meet electro-acoustic emergency warning system standards (DIN VDE 0829 and IEC 60849). Similarly, our custom designed PA-GA systems are in accordance with SOLAS and class (Germanischer Lloyd, RINA, etc) requirements, while also fulfilling Safe Return to Port (SR+P) requirements.
    public address

    Automatic telephone / Voice over IP (VoIP)

    Automatic telephone

    Central and de-central versions are available. The customer can choose from a wide range of telephones and system configurations. This digital system is easy to handle onboard via PC. The system can be configured with digital or analogue extensions or a combination of both. Telephones can be delivered with a terminal adapter to provide a modem connection to the ship’s network. If required, the telephone system will be interfaced to or from other communication and safety systems with possible restrictions, depending on the wishes of the customer.

    Interfacing with Walkie-Talkie, Paging, GSM, fire detection and other alarm systems, or the integration of a watch man round control is standard. We have significant experience in providing communication links via VSAT, FBB Fleet 77, shore connection, Inmarsat-M, Inmarsat B or GSM phones for data and voice transmission.

    Voice over IP (VoIP)
    We offer transmission giving the possibility to run the telephone communication on the computer network. This feature has the advantage of reducing the cable network in areas with VoIP telephones. The existing computer network will be used for call transmission without any reduction in quality. The power supply for the VoIP phones can be delivered from the network hubs via the network data line.

    DECT/wireless telephony

    DECT/wireless telephony is an additional part of the telephone system and includes the same performance as wired phones. A DECT system is ideal for luxury cabins and crew communication. The DECT phone can be used throughout the entire ship.

    Talk back

    The talk back system is a special communication system for crew only, and has to comply with classification requirements. The system is available in various configurations, characteristics and functionalities. 

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