Wärtsilä to launch new emergency shut-off valve with fire safe approval

16 November, 2016

Wärtsilä launches a new emergency shut-off valve with fire safe approval according to ISO 10497:2010 and API 607 at the AEGPL & World LP GAS congress in Florence, Italy in November.

This unique innovation will enable the safe delivery of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) while preventing gas leaks to the atmosphere should a fire occur, thereby enhancing the environmental performance of the installation. The introduction of this valve offers customers the highest level of safety, and is expected to open new markets for Wärtsilä’s Tank Control Systems. The technology represents further development work on earlier Wärtsilä hydraulically operated emergency shut-off valves, namely the WHESSOE 06139-CE and 06240-CE models. Wärtsilä is the only company having the ISO 10497:2010 and API 607 certification for this type of hydraulically operated emergency shut-off valve for LPG applications.

As with all Wärtsilä safety shut-off valves, the new system has been designed to provide rapid shut down in case of emergency conditions arising from fire or line damage. This prevents the loss of the product in which the valve is installed, and alleviates the risk of the product contributing to an existing fire. It benefits the entire LPG supply chain, and especially the gas storage sector.

“Safety and the environment are always key considerations for Wärtsilä in its development work. This new emergency shut-off valve promotes both of these objectives and enhances the safe handling of LPG in storage plants,” says Fabrice Vandewalle, Sales Account Manager, Tank Control Systems, Wärtsilä Marine Solutions.

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