Wärtsilä Flare Gas Ignition

The Wärtsilä Flare Gas Ignition system is designed to handle gas that is normally flared in oil, gas, and petrochemical applications. It has been developed to guarantee safe and reliable ignition of the flare whenever required.

The system combines high reliability and availability throughout the lifetime of the facility. It features low maintenance requirements and is easily retrofitted into existing installations.

More than one hundred low pressure ballistic pellet ignition systems have been supplied by Wärtsilä worldwide for both offshore and onshore projects.

    Technical Data

    The ignition system will deliver a cascade of sparks over the flare tip to ignite the flare gas and can be used under any weather or operating conditions. With no electronic equipment or movable parts located within the high heat radiation areas, the system is reliable and easy to maintain. Pilot burners are not necessary, and there is no heat sensitive equipment, such as cables, instrumentation and electrodes, on the flare deck.

    The complete system consists of a cabinet installed at an easy accessible area, a guide pipe installed from the cabinet to the flare tip, and a fragment collector installed near the flare tip where the guide pipe ends.

    Basic Specification

    Launching medium: Compressed air

    Launching pressure: 5-7 bar (110 psi)

    Launching range: up to 2000m+

    Min. bending radius: 3.6 m
    Ballistic ignition Cabinet
    The flare gas ignition cabinet is installed close to the flare stack, and a guide tube leads to the flare tip. The system is suitable for all flare tips and may ignite several flares on one flare deck. It combines high reliability and availability throughout the lifetime of the facility. It features low maintenance requirements and is easily retrofitted into existing installations. It does not need any pilot burners, and has no equipment on the flare deck that is sensitive to heat, such as cables, instrumentation, or electrodes.
    Ignition Pellets

    The ignition pellet is launched through a guide tube to the flare tower. The pellet bursts and generates a shower of sparks when exiting the guide tube. The resulting shower of sparks is directed towards the flare tip and instantly ignites the gas cloud. The Ignition Pellet comes in two versions, the LP2000 Pellet providing an optimum source of ignition for ballistic systems and the electronic low pressure system the eLP Pellet.

    LP200 Pellet

    The LP2000 pellet is our well-established source of ignition for the ballistic ignition system. It has a spring-loaded mechanism, which is armed by the 5 barg launching pressure, and held back by the guide tubes internal wall. When exiting the guide tube, the pellet releases its mechanism, converting the zirconium charge at the tip, spreading thousands of sparks as a cone of 60 degrees at approximately 20 metres.

    The pellet has the highest achievable safety classification – 1.4S, and is shipped in boxes containing 32 pellets using ordinary airfreight.




    The eLP (electronic low pressure) pellet is a pyrotechnical article like the LP2000 pellet, and the function is equal to the LP2000 pellet.

    Although they do the same job, the eLP pellet comes with many advantages compared to the LP2000 pellet.


    Avantages of eLP pellet:

    • Is armed through passing a series of magnets at a certain speed

    • Has no manual safety pin – easy to use

    • Has a “kill battery” function that will render the pellet harmless after 6 minutes in cases of malfunction –

    safe use

    • Has an electronic trigger

    • Faster production making it more available to the customers

    The guide tube is a 25mm tube connected to couplings designed to have the right amount of space for ease of passage of the ballistic pellet. It has been successfully tested to lengths up to 1000 metres, which can locate the cabinet in an easy accessible and safe area and is available in 316SS as well as 6MO.
    The fragment collector basically collects and stores the converted pellets after the launch. Supplied in Incolloy 800HT, it is also designed to withstand high temperatures. The Collector is capable to contain up to 2000 pellets, therefore allowing up to 2000 ignitions between maintenance and emptying.


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