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EGE Biogas, Nes (Norway)


The biogas liquefaction plant delivered by Wärtsilä to Norwegian Cambi AS, a specialist in biowaste treatment, produces biomethane from household food waste to be used as biofuel for buses in Oslo, thereby putting the region at the forefront of environmental innovation.

The plant is located in Nes, Romerike, an agricultural region northeast of Oslo, and treats 50,000 tons of food waste a year to produce around 14,000 Nm3/day of biomethane. The liquefied biogas can be efficiently transported for use as fuel.

Wärtsilä’ s responsibilities at the plant include feed gas compression, biogas cleaning and liquefaction and liquid biogas storage and export.

“MR system runs very stable. Minor maintenance required, daily checks”

- Plant Manager Robert Dahl


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