Wärtsilä Dynamic Lighting System

The Dynamic Lighting concept provides a stunning visual effect to the ship’s exterior profile. The technology is based on the use of customised LED RGBW lighting devices, all of which are individually controlled to provide colour, movement and video effects. Wärtsilä successfully supplied this special external lighting system for the new cruise ship “Genting Dream” which was delivered in October 2016. The lighting concept has been engineered and installed by Wärtsilä in close cooperation with the owner’s team and the shipyard. This Dynamic Lighting concept will change the way people see a cruise ship arriving or departing the harbours of the world.

    Key Features
    • Customized RGBW LED lighting fixtures for exterior installation
    • Playback of video content possible
    • Low power consumption
    • Customised Control Boxes for cable saving
    • Use of existing Houselight IT network
    • Customised control software with dedicated Graphic User Interface
    • Safety feature with Blackout Switch in the wheelhouse
    • Monitoring function of each lighting device

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