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Wärtsilä SAMCon

Wärtsilä helps ship operators and port authorities to meet increasingly stringent environmental regulations by enabling ships to meet their electrical power requirements, even when the engines are shut down. By taking the power from the shore, instead of from the engines, there are no exhaust emissions or noise pollution. Through its SAMCon solution, Wärtsilä provides the technology to make this possible.

The state of California, USA has regulated that by 2020, 80 percent of the power required by berthed ships must come from a shoreside supply. The Chinese Government also is recommending that shore connection systems - or 'cold ironing' - be provided by all new bulk and cruise terminals. Future EU directives will oblige member states to implement alternative infrastructure networks, including shore power, by 2025.

The need is there, the Wärtsilä SAMCon system provides the answer.

Providing electricity to ships from the shore is a smart way of complying with port emission requirements, and our Shore Connection is the simplest and most cost effective way to do it.”

A solution suited to both newbuild and retrofit projects

Our solution with all the necessary components is completely containerised. This standard 40ft high cube container can be installed in any suitable location onboard the vessel. However, if requested or required by the project, a 20ft container solution is also possible as a single component solution. These components can be installed in different locations throughout the vessel. For low voltage applications, our solution can include a step-down transformer. Furthermore, for retrofit applications we offer a complete onboard installation with a connection to the existing main switchboards.

shore connection
    Container Features
    • Up to 7.2 MVA transferable power at 6600 V / 60 Hz and 45 °C
    • Usable on port and starboard side
    • 40’ standard high cube container including CSC certificate
    • Design according to IEC 80005-1
    • Safe operation area
    • Electric cable reel drive including tension control
    • Shore interface designed according to specification for ports in California, USA (others on request)
    • Maintenance friendly technology
    System Engineering

    Wärtsilä provides the following services for both retrofit and newbuild projects:

    • Feasibility analysis
    • Onboard inspection
    • Engineering work/conversion planning
    • Conversion cost budgeting
    Single Component Solution

    Since certain projects require a customised solution, Wärtsilä also offers a single component solution. This enables flexibility whereby the main SamCon components can be installed in different locations onboard the vessel. As example the shore cable reel will be install in a 20ft container on deck while the Monitoring and Control Cabinet and the Medium Voltage Switchboard will be install in a different location under deck or in a second 20ft container on deck. We have a lot more options and solution for your special project.

    container small
    Onboard Installation

    For both onboard container installation and single component solutions with connections to the main switchboard, Wärtsilä offers the engineering and installation services for the below listed items, including the foundations, cables, cable trays, and any additional materials needed onboard the ship.

    For the bolted SAMCon version, the following connection box is available:

    • HV Reception Box, arc tested, for the ship-side power cable connection

    For the pluggable SamCon version, the following connection boxes are available:

    • Box, arc tested, for the ship-side power cable connection
    • LV Reception Box for the ship-side control cable connection
    • HV Change-over Box, arc tested, for switch-over between portside and starboard side container location
    • LV Distribution Box for power, control and heating of above boxes

    Connection to the vessel's main switchboard is made by modifying the existing panel, or by building a new panel for low and high voltage switchboards, including the protection device and power management.

    Solution for Shaft Generator

    For vessels equipped with a Wärtsilä shaft generator system, we offer a retrofit solution utilising the main components of the installed system. Instead of taking the feed from the shaft generator, the system is extended via a shore connection.

    With decades of experience, we upgrade your vessel without disrupting day to day operations. We have standard and customised solutions.”

    Wärtsilä SAMCon with different options


    Connection between container and ship - bolted type

    • Cable Reel and control box
    • Monitoring and Control Cabinet
    • Medium Voltage Switchboard

    Connection between container and ship - plugged type

    • Cable Reel and control box
    • Monitoring and Control Cabinet
    • Medium Voltage Switchboard
    • 2nd reel for connection to ship

    Connection between container and ship - bolted type

    • Cable Reel and control box
    • Monitoring and Control Cabinet
    • Medium Voltage Switchboard
    • Transformer
    Above all, we take care of the whole process from understanding what you need to implementation and in-service support.”


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