Wärtsilä Joystick with Heading Control

The Joystick System has been designed to provide easy control of vessel movement. The product consists of 2 modules – an Operator Workstation including a 3 axis non-spring loaded joystick, and a Signal Processing Unit (SPU). Connection to the thrusters is simplified through the use of I/O modules within the SPU. The product can be upgraded to DP0 with the addition of an MRU and a DGPS; and to a DP1 with the addition of a second SPU and Operator Workstation.

    • Simple, intuitive and easy to use user interface
    • Small footprint
    • Upgradeable to DP0 and DP1
    • Based on the proven NACOS Platinum platform
    Joystick Features
    • Full 3 axis control
    • Hold heading (including capability for a remote center of rotation)
    • Wind compensation
    • High speed mode (vessel speed controlled using the joystick)
    • Simulation/training mode
    • Optional: SmartPredict (predictive maneuvering model) – requires ECDIS option
    • Optional: ECDIS (requires 22 or 26 inch display option)
    DP0 Features
    • Hold heading and hold position
    • Split axis (auto surge and auto sway)
    • Remote Center of Rotation
    • EcoDP
    • Anchor mode
    Hardware Specifications

    Operator Workstation:

    • 12 inch high brightness display (1000 nits max, fully dimmable to zero) with touchscreen
    • Optional: 22 or 26 inch display with touchscreen (with separate operator workstation computer)
    • Intel i7 processor based computer with solid state hard drive
    • Includes 3 axis joystick
    • Pedestal or console mount
    • 12 inch workstation power requirements: 24 V DC 3.5 A (max)
    • 12 inch workstation size: 335 mm (width) x 235 mm (height) x 130 mm (depth)
    • Includes up to 64 I/O for required interfacing to vessel mains, rudders and thrusters
    • Provides up to 4 serial interfaces and power for sensors
    • Optional: Additional I/O and serial interfaces
    • Power requirements: 100 V to 240 V AC 1.2 A (includes sensor power)
    • Size: 410 mm (width) x 510 mm (height) x 225 mm (depth)

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