Wärtsilä Thruster Control

The Platinum Thruster Control System (TCS) is based upon autonomous thruster control units connected via a distributed network to the DP consoles. It is designed for complete integration with the Platinum DP and automation systems, enabling seamless information exchange between each control platform.

The manual speed control of propulsion and thruster direction is operated by control levers at the Bridge and, optionally, at the ECR, which are then connected to the thruster signal processor units (SPUs) by fiber-optic cable, independent from the DP network. The remote I/O associated with each thruster SPU can be optionally mounted in other manufacturers control cabinets for electrical drive and hydraulic interfaces – minimizing overall cable runs. Other network interfaces, including Profibus and Modbus are also available to thruster control sub-systems.

When required for hydraulic control systems (azimuth and pitch), the individual TCS control units can perform closed loop control. An optional Local Control Panel can also be supplied in close proximity to the thruster for emergency manual control.

When combined with the Platinum DP, the system will provide integrated vessel positioning, maneuvering and control capability, with full system independent backup by way of the Automatic Thruster Control System Operator Workstation (ATOW). The ATOW has automatic heading and joystick control functions built in with optional autopilot and station keeping capability.

When also integrated with Platinum automation, the system provides a complete thruster control and monitoring solution, including event alarming and data logging of thruster auxiliaries and equipment.

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