CyScan AS

The CyScan AS sensor is a high performance local position reference sensor specifically engineered for marine Dynamic Positioning (DP) applications.

The sensor accurately measures the range and bearing to retro-reflective targets allowing for the calculation of vessel position and heading making it ideal for station keeping, or for accurately moving a vessel.

Absolute Signature (AS) resolves long-standing, common industry challenges by providing an improved performance during target identification, acquisition and tracking.

    • Positively identifies AS targets
    • Longest range DP laser sensor on the market today
    • Ability to add additional targets to a multi-target session without interrupting tracking
    • Standard 3 year warranty and worldwide support network
    • Maximum uptime from rotor design
    • Modular sensor design aids in-vessel servicing
    • Field proven false target reflection rejection
    • Plug and play legacy and competitor upgrade package available
    • Robust construction - high performance in all weather conditions and sea states
    • Utilises inexpensive intrinsically safe targets
    • Innovative user friendly touch screen Dashboard control
    • Tracking and data logging capability
    • Ease of use for quick set-up and operation
    • Easy upgrade options in the field via USB key & remote installer
    Technical Features
    • Operating range up to 2500m
    • Close range operation from 10m
    • Full 360º scanning
    • Automatic wave compensation
    • Twin laser pulse rate 30kHz minimises risk of target loss
    • True multi-target operation gives relative heading
    • Navigate off 9 prisms (can detect 30)
    • Interfaces to all known DP systems
    • Ethernet and/or Serial communication options 

    The CyScan system is suitable for applications which use fixed structures such as:

    • Platform, offshore and multi-purpose supply vessel operations
    • Wind farms servicing
    • Accommodation barge operation
    • Crew boats station keeping
    • Dive and ROV support
    • Fish farm

    The CyScan system is also suitable for DP applications with mobile structures such as:

    • Track and ship-follow
    • Shuttle tanker loading
    • Pipe and cable laying
    • Rock dumping
    • Replenishment at sea
    Absolute Signature Prism

    Absolute Signature Technology Benefits:

    • Guaranteed 'signature lock' between the sensor and the target
    • Improves visibility with automatic target identification and acquisition
    • Reduces turnaround time - increases operational efficiency
    • Eliminates the possibility of false reflection walk-off incidents
    • Simple and reliable operator experience
    • Guidance Marine has a patent pending on AS technology.

    The only purpose built prism designed for the offshore marine environment:

    Prisms are glass retro-reflectors that reflect a much higher percentage of the incident light giving the DP sensor (of any manufacturer) a much greater range. The AS Prism has design features to provide prism protection, high target visibility and varied flexible mounting options to allow for wider and easier customer installations.

    Prism Benefits:

    • Reflect almost all of the light received
    • Provide maximum signal strength
    • Allows for longer operation in deteriorating visibility
    • Typically mounted in clusters to provide a greater angle of visibility and/or to increase the signal response in locations prone to low visibility
    • Use CyScan for long range operations beyond the 500m DP zone

    Robust Design Features:

    • High visibility, easy to identify
    • Robust housing design suitable for handovers
    • Easy 'drop on' rail mounting
    • Suitable for long-term wall or handrail mounting

    Best Practice:

    For maximum safety and visibility, Guidance Marine always recommends glass prisms.

    Patents granted or pending: GB 2534408

    Patent pending: GB 2532801

    Applicable to Rugged Prism

    Frequently asked questions

    Dashboard and Service Interface

    The CyScan Dashboard has been logically structured and carefully designed to provide a clear intuitive interface that maximises the opportunities of multi-touch user control and touch screen technology. The innovative user interface enables DPOs to use CyScan safely and effectively whilst providing optimum positioning performance.

    • Ergonomically friendly - user centred design for ease of use and simple target acquisition
    • Optional touch screen control
    • Minimalist design to reduce operational ambiguity
    • Simple, clear and concise numeric range, bearing and heading data
    • Sensor control, configuration, alarm handling and data logging functionality
    • Control, clarity and complete visibility of the sensor and target(s) operational environment
    • DPO is in full control of the system and data stream being fed to the DP system
    • Comprehensive user friendly operator's and installer's guides
    • Operation friendly day and night mode

    The user interface is common across all four sensors, to aid productivity and reduce cost of ownership.

    Service Interface

    A dedicated commissioning tool offers a much faster set-up time, including handling all set-up parameters from the PC rather than out at the sensor. It can also be used to read the position data when the system is in operation. This greatly improves commissioning and maintenance turnaround time.

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