Wärtsilä Smart VS Level

The Wärtsilä Smart VS Level sensor is a complete standalone level measuring unit specifically designed for the continuous monitoring of flooding in the dry compartments, bilges and void spaces of ships. It uses APSS Smart-VS-Level sensors to comply with the Safe Return to Port (SRtP) rules.

The hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is directly measured by sensors that are in direct contact with the liquid, while the presence of liquid is independently detected by a float switch. The digital signals corresponding to the pressure measured and to the detection of liquid, each by an independent sensor, are either used locally or transmitted to a centralized system.

    Key Benefits
    • Reliability of the measurement
    • Not affected by ambient conditions
    • pressurization / depressurization
    • Self diagnostic
    • IP68 enclosure
    • Cost effective
    • Maintenance free
    • Continuous monitorin of void spaces
    • Continuous monitorin of dry compartments
    • Continuous monitoring of bilges
    • Detection and measuremen of any liquid media
    Main Features
    • Fully redundant pressure measuring unit: three pressure sensors per unit and therefore per each measured point
    • Self-compensating in the event of measurement error caused by atmospheric pressure variation
    • Filtered power supply
    • Serial interface (RS485 HD) using standard Mod-bus Protocol
    • Standard 4-20 mA Output
    • No calibration required
    • Level Control Unit with built-in self-diagnosticsand failure display
    Data Available
    on 4-20 mA signal:
    • Level, Range 0-15 mt H2O
    on the bus:
    • Level
    • Temperature
    • Absolute Pressure AVG
    • Absolute Pressure Sensor 1
    • Absolute Pressure Sensor 2
    • Absolute Pressure Sensor 3
    • Level Status
    • Temperature Status
    • Pressure Sensor 1 Status
    • Pressure Sensor 2 Status
    • Pressure Sensor 3 Status
    • Level Switch Status

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