Wärtsilä Smart EP Level

The Wärtsilä Smart-EP-Level is a complete and standalone Level Measuring Unit that utilizes electro-pneumatic technology to measure the level of any liquid media inside a tank. The hydrostatic pressure of a liquid is measured by introducing compressed air into the tank via a pipe. Signals corresponding to the pressure measured are used locally, or can be transmitted to a centralized system to assess the level measurement. The Wärtsilä Smart-EP-Level can also process the measured pressure using pre-recorded tank data, and in this way can be used as a stand-alone level measuring device. The Smart-EP-Level generates a second and separate 4-20 mA signal that corresponds to the pressure measured, which can be used for local monitoring.

    Key Benefits
    • Reliability of the measure
    • Not affected by liquid media (temperature, overpressure, etc)
    • Low air consumption
    • Self diagnostic
    • Cost effective
    • Maintenance free

    Smart-EP-Level is specifically designed for all onboard ship applications where the continuous measurement of levels in tanks carrying any type of liquid media (fuel, oils, ballast, fresh water, etc.) is required.

    Each Smart-EP-Level Unit is composed of:

    • Smart-EP-Module containing the flow regulators, pressure sensors and electronic card (Level Sensing Unit-LSU) which handles all functions.
    • Stop Check Valve to be fitted in the top of the tank.
    • Measuring Pipe that connects the Module to the Stop Check Valve and then goes into the tank. For certain applications where air bubbling is not permitted in the tank, for example in potable water tanks, a 1:1 Pneumatic Converter is installed instead of the Stop Check Valve (see dedicated chapter). Smart-EP-Level can also be used to measure ship draught. Up to 32 Smart-EP-Level Units (32 tanks) can be connected in parallel to an Interface Board (DCU) which is generally located above the bulkhead deck. Each Unit is FULLY independent so that no malfunctions occurring in one unit can affect units connected to the same DCU. Up to 32 DCUs can be connected together in a loop.
    • Standalone sensor with 4-20 mA output
    • Standalone sensor with RS485 BUS Modbus Protocol
    • System with single or redundant BUS connected by DCU (data concentration unit)
    Data Available
    on 4-20 mA signal:
    • Level, Range 0-30 mt H2O
    on the bus:
    • Level
    • Smart-EP-Level Card Temperature
    • AVG Absolute Pressure
    • Absolute Pressure - Sensor 1
    • Absolute Pressure - Sensor 2
    • Absolute Pressure - Sensor 3
    • Level measurement status
    • Temperature measurement status
    • Status of pressure transmitter 1
    • Status of pressure transmitter 2
    • Status of pressure transmitter 3
    • Status of flow regulator 1
    • Status of flow regulator 2
    • Low Level Alarm
    • High Level Alarm

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