Wärtsilä NACOS VALMATIC Platinum

Wärtsilä NACOS VALMATIC Platinum

The Wärtsilä NACOS VALMATIC Platinum system has a multifunctional and user friendly operator interface where process related information is readily at hand at all times. An information management system that includes a history database, analyzing tools, process replay, reporting functions, diary and more is available for optimizing the ship’s operational performance.

Distributed hardware combined with a modular architecture enables a very high degree of flexibility to ensure optimal installation solutions. Redundancy is the standard solution in system design, and the built-in redundancy of Wärtsilä solutions enhances the company’s reputation for reliability.

    • Dual redundant system network
    • Redundant process network
    • Local control & operation at processor level
    • Hot swap of any components
    • User centered HMI design – with zoom and pan
    • Fast system recovery
    • 1 ms sequence of events
    • UTC & local time for alarms
    • Remote diagnostics
    • Ship to shore link
    • Historical database incl. tools for reports, trends, replay etc.
    • Improved online & offine tools for commissioning
    • Machinery control
    • Power management
    • Propulsion & thruster control
    • HVAC
    • Safety Management System
    • ESD
    • Cargo
    • LNG
    • Navigation
    • Auxiliary equipment
    • Dynamic positioning
    • Easy to install and maintain
    • User friendly HMI
    • Seamless integration with Wärtsilä products
    • Improved service availability
    • Reduced lifecycle cost

    Our systems are available in a range of different versions, from a basic design with only a few work stations to serve ships where the space is limited, to customized solutions that offer the ultimate in ship system integration.


    Total integration

    The Integrated Vessel Management System from Wärtsilä offers a high level of integration between the ship’s main control and monitoring systems, such as machinery automation, HVAC automation, emergency shutdown and integrated bridge systems. Redundancy is built into all levels of the system, preventing a system failure from causing loss of control, monitoring, or safety functions. Work stations are multi-functional and any station can be used for any task. The system communication network is redundant and based on fiber optics. The process control stations have main and reserve units distributed in different compartments. I/O field buses are redundant with electrically isolated branches. These features ensure availability and operational safety.

    Integrated Automation for Assured Quality and Safety.


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