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Wärtsilä Marine Systems Korea

Wärtsilä Marine Systems Korea was established twenty years ago to meet the fast-growing demands of the Korean shipbuilding industry as well as other maritime markets in the Far East.

We are a single-source supplier of comprehensive ranges of proven quality marine products. Available systems comprise those for automation, communication, navigation, electric drives, shaft generation and propulsion assemblies, electronic chart management, hydrographic equipment for both deep and shallow water applications, and simulation software. These innovative state-of-the-art solutions and systems are designed to meet the most exacting requirements for ships of all types and sizes ranging from coastal and inland shipping vessels to ocean-going container carriers, gas tankers, specialist offshore, environmental and research craft as well as ferries and cruise liners.

Our product services additionally extend to providing customer-tailored technical solutions in close cooperation with ship owners as well as newbuilding and local shipyard design departments. They also include authoritative advice on bridge layouts and antenna arrangements in accordance with all current class notations, flag state rules and regulations, and international maritime requirements.

We are dedicated to improving and expanding our portfolio of products and services to meet the challenging demands of customers for the best possible standards of technology, quality and service. As evidence of this, we hold ISO 9001 certification and approvals from TUEV SUED KOREA ( No. TUV 100 01 0417 ).

Our broad offering is supported by years of experience and extensive in-house know-how.”

Product Portfolio

Integrated Vessel Control System

Integrated Vessel Control System: Wärtsilä offers a complete series of next-generation navigation, automation and control systems including dynamic positioning. The use of modular components ensures unprecedented levels of usability and scalability. The design of the networked system architecture is flexible from small independent systems requiring limited integration through to the highly complex systems with unprecedented integration possibilities. Moreover, any system can be easily expanded, upgraded or modified to provide increased functionality.


Communication: Communication solutions enhance the comfort as well as safety levels on board. Wärtsilä offers a broad portfolio of communication systems applicable to all types and sizes of vessels. The equipment can be delivered as single stand-alone system up to a fully integrated system. Our Global Maritime Distress and Safety System GMDSS provides rapid and efficient aid to ships in distress, our range of communication products provide all means of communication.

Electric propulsion system
Electric propulsion system: Wärtsilä offers the most economical drive solution for propulsion power onboard ships, installing synchronous, asynchronous or induction motors fed by LCI or PWM frequency converter technology to increase efficiency and lower the opera­tional costs. The advantages also include low noise and reduced vibration, notably improved. 
Shaft generation

Shaft generation: Wärtsilä provides Shaft Generators, driven by the main engine to supply power to the mains in the range 500 kW up to 8,000 kW. The power generation has to function properly also at changing speeds of the propulsion shaft, when the ship travels at different speed ranges, or in case of very fast speed changes caused by heavy seas. To allow a stable frequency and voltage in the mains while the main engine speed is changing – a frequency converter in PWM technology is used. Using shaft alternators is a particularly economical and environment-friendly method of generating electrical power.

High Voltage Shore Connection System
High Voltage Shore Connection System: One particular solution for reducing emissions during port docking is the use of high voltage on-shore power supply systems (HVSC). Wärtsilä has a series of modular HVSC systems provide in-harbour electrical power without the use of auxiliary engines. As a result this solution will enable the vessel to meet upcoming strict clean air regulations (for example, California, USA) when berthed at terminals, without generating harmful noise and air pollutants caused by active diesel.
Our product scope ranges from highly sophisticated and proven system installations to standardized systems and individual products for retrofit applications.”


Service for our customers is provided around the world and around the clock by our Customer Support Centre, which is staffed with specialists for our various product lines. This includes assistance with remote diagnosis, advice and arrangements for any necessary deployment of service technicians aboard vessels in association with our international network of subsidiaries and service partners.

Logistics support includes maintenance of comprehensive stocks of spare parts, including those for older systems and equipment. Rapid delivery times are assured via spare parts depots at strategic locations serving all major international shipping routes.

For domestic purposes, we provide full warranty and after sales services for all our products at all Korean ports.

The following supplementary support services are also available:

  • Annual recertification for GMDSS radio stations and VDRs in accordance with SOLAS requirements, carried out in close cooperation with local classification authorities
  • ENC services: Installation and activation of electronic charts
  • Technical advice and consultation via inmarsat for personnel aboard seagoing vessels
  • Rapid and efficient retrofitting of new state-of-the-art onboard pre-inspection as well as provision of full documentation and certification
  • Diver Services: Repair and inspection of underwater hydro-acoustic transducers for speed logs and echo sounders, and underwater camera documentation.

Besides maintenance and repair, we also specialize in retrofit and conversion works in connection with ship extensions and modernisations.

As part of our product support activities we are certified surveyors for communication and navigation installations on behalf of major classification societies such as GL, ABS, BV, DNV, LR, NK, and others. We offer professional installation of new equipment by our continuously factory-trained staff.

We provide lifecycle support and we know that reliable service and global availability is essential.”


Available on request are introductory training courses for the Wärtsilä NACOS series of integrated navigation command systems as well as automation products from Wärtsilä including Wärtsilä SAM Electronics and Wärtsilä Lyngsø Marine.

For maintenance, we provide comprehensive training for electronic chart management, including operational procedures for updates. Also available for ships' crews are courses covering Wärtsilä NACOS maintenance, preventive measures and special checks.

Similar Automation training courses are available for crew and yard personnel. These are tailored for each individual installation and can be carried out on our premises or aboard the specified vessel. Alternatively, they can be conducted at both locations, depending on customer requirements.


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