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Wärtsilä in Sri Lanka

About Wärtsilä in Sri Lanka

Wärtsilä Lanka (Pvt) Ltd., was established in the year 2001 for the purpose of construction, operation and maintenance (O&M) of two Power Plants in Sri Lanka.  In 2006, Wärtsilä Lanka (Pvt) Ltd became a service network company of Wärtsilä Corporation and a workshop facility was set up in Colombo.  In 2011, well equipped propeller repair facility was started in Colombo.  

In 2014, Wärtsilä Lanka expanded its arms to Maldives and started serving shipping and power plant customers in Maldives. Wärtsilä Lanka has 08 employees and offers services to its customers through a pool of 150 Service Engineers from Service Unit, SUSA. The Company is certified with ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007. 

Wärtsilä Lanka was known as a company who provides the broadest portfolio and best services in the industry for ship owners, dockyard and power plants in Sri Lanka. We offer expertise, proximity and responsive services for all customers regardless of their equipment make in the most environmentally and responsiveness way.

Wärtsilä in Sri Lanka is a ISO certified operating company in Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and OHSAS 18001:2007.


The service in the country extends to marine and power plants business. In marine field the main customer is Sri Lanka Navy and annually they buy spares for the maintenance of its Deutz engine fleet. Sri Lanka Port Authority, Colombo Dockyard, Sri Lanka Shipping Company are the other main customer who contributes a steady budget annually. 

 On the power plant side total installed base capacity in the country is around 2600 MW and at present the thermal power plant contributes less than 2% of the country’s electricity requirement. Out of this Wartsila contributes to 24 MW. In the year 2014 the State Electric Company of Maldives was added to Wärtsilä Lanka customer list and the Wärtsilä installed based capacity in Maldives is 30 MW.

 In power plant field the key customers are Ceylon Electricity Board and Mini Hydro Power Plants.

 Wātsilā Lanka provides Engine Services, Electrical and automation, propulsion services, CO2 cleaning, Governor Repairs, Seals and Bearings, Technical Services and Training services to the ship power and power plant customers at present.  The Company possesses well equipped workshop and propeller repair facility in Colombo.

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