at Wärtsilä in Korea

Engine Services

Engine Services form the core of our activities. We provide complete services for engines and related systems, for Wärtsilä and other makes of engines.

  • 2-Stroke Engine Overhaul
  • 2-Stroke Engine Fitness Package
  • Retrofit Pulse Lubrication System
  • CLU (Cylinder Lubrication) 1-E Upgrade
  • BOB (Blend on Board)
  • SSUK (Slow Steaming Unit Kit)
  • 4-Stroke Engine Overhaul
  • Fuel Injection Equipment Overhaul
  • Structural Welding
  • In-Situ Crankshaft Machining
  • In-Situ Bore and Flange Machining
  • In-Situ Milling and Grinding
  • Cylinder Liner Honing & Wavecut
  • Site Surveys
  • RT-flex Engine Component Renewal
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