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Seals & Bearings Services

씰 & 베아링

We provide all kinds of seals & bearings for military vessels including submarines and merchant marine vessels. We guarantee the best quality products and life cycle maintenance service when our specialized engineers do installation and repairs; shipyard installations, docking repairs, bonding repairs, underwater repairs and upgrade of system.

With only one contact, you can cover your entire workscope; seals, bearings, liners, hydraulic systems etc.  We are the most specialized seal & bearing solution provider from new constructions to repairs and upgrades.

Wärtsilä Seals:

  • Stern Tube Seal
  • Lip Seal
  • Face Seal
  • Rudder Seal
  • Bulk Head Seal
  • Pot Seal
  • Thruster Seal
  • Water-jet Seal

Stern Tube Seals:

  • LIP type stern tube seals bonding & overhauling
  • Face type stern tube seals overhauling
  • Cedervall type stern tube seal overhauling
  • Stern tube bearings/liner installation/inspection
  • Net guard installation
  • Spare parts

Wärtsilä Bearings:

  • Stern Tube Bearing
  • Generator Bearing
  • Line Shaft Bearing
  • Intermediate Thruster Bearing
  • Rudder Bearing

Wärtsilä Oil & Water Lubricated Stern Tube Solutions
(Oil & Water Lubricated Stern Tubes)

Wärtsilä Other Products:

  • Rudder
  • Nozzles and Tunnel
  • Hydraulic Couplings, Nut and Bolt

Under Water Service

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