Notification of continuing Work From Home

Dear clients,

Thank you very much for your dedicated collaboration with us always.
We are continuing Work From Home at our Tokyo and Kobe office.
Please be informed we open Tokyo office only on Wednesday in October.

 1. Tokyo office

Tokyo office is opened only on Wednesday in September.
HR & General Affaires staffs show up by turns. Most employees continue Work From Home.
We cannot accept any visitor or respond to main telephone line (+81-3-6631-7670) on closing days.
Please call the mobile phone or send email directly to the person in charge listed below.

2. Kobe office

Kobe office is kept open, some employees show up by turns.
During the period of WFH, please call the mobile phone or send email directly to the person in charge.

We are very sorry for your inconvenience and thank you very much for your cooperation and understanding in advance.

3. Communications regarding with Corona virus infection

In case COVID-19 infection occur in our company, we will inform you immediately.
Please inform the following person in charge, in case COVID-19 infection occur in your company.

COVID-19 Infection Management Team: Kawazoe, Shinya
Tel. +81-90-4907-5772

We will decide and execute our counter measures based on Japan government instructions.
And we will make further update in case of any changes on above information.

<<Person in Charge>

Department Products Sales Service
Marine power Marine Engine Yasutake 090-1903-3860 Kuramoto 080-4804-1058
Marine Engine parts Kuramoto 080-4804-1058  -
Propulsion and Hybrid system Yasutake 090-1903-3860 Kuramochi 080-4173-1037
Propulsion parts Kuramochi 080-4173-1037  -
Marine Systems Sterntube seals, etc. Kim 09084642563 Kim 09084642563
Sterntube seals spare parts Kim 09084642563 Kim 080-8808-8047
Scrubber Hyun 080-4855-8154 Jasman 080-7412-3476
Scrubber Spare parts Jasman 080-7412-3476  -
Marine Voyage Bridge System, Products Fukushima 080-4799-8945 Fukushima 080-4799-8945
Bridge System Spare Parts Fukushima 080-4799-8945  -
Energy Energy Business
( Engine and ESS )
Miyazaki 080-3034-6595 Sato 090-7340-3015

Tateo Miyagawa
Managing Director
Wärtsilä Japan Ltd.

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