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METRO Project Webinars - Designing sustainable maritime transport systems

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METRO Project Webinars

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Wednesday 17 MARCH, 4:30 PM
“Designing sustainable maritime transport systems”

Can the environmental sustainability of tourist maritime transport in the North Adriatic be improved? This is the goal of METRO (Maritime Environment-friendly TRanspOrt systems), a research project funded by the European Union.

The project addresses some specific challenges of our area: more integrated, efficient and sustainable maritime connections between Italy and Croatia; reduction of traffic congestion caused by seasonal tourist flows; improvement in the competitiveness of local stakeholders.The project has a strong multidisciplinary approach, coupling the best technologies in the field of electrical shipboard power systems with a modern approach to the ship design. Moreover, the integration of the ships with the ground services is also addressed. The Department of Engineering and Architecture - University of Trieste is developing this project together with the University of Rijeka, IDA (Istrian Agency for Development), Port System Authority of the Eastern Adriatic Sea, Tehnomont Shipyard and Wärtsilä Italy.

In this webinar, the two ships designed during the project will be presented. Each is endowed with a specific power and propulsion system configuration, capable of improving the sustainability of the ship by means of the smart coupling of diesel engines, electric propulsion, energy storage system, and shore connection.

In addition to that, the modern data driven design approach, used to define the best onboard propulsion configuration, will be also presented.



METRO Project introduction

Andrea Vicenzutti, UniTS, Project Manager Lead Partner

Presentation of Tehnomont Shipyard

Mitja Koštomaj, Tehnomont Shipyard, Sales Project Leader

Presentation of FLOW ship design

Obrad Kuzmanovic, FLOW ship design, Senior Designer
Design of an innovative RoPax

Obrad Kuzmanovic, FLOW ship design, Senior Designer

Design of an innovative Ferry

Vito Radolovic, FLOW ship design, Senior Designer

Presentation of Wartsila Italy

Lorenzo Brigati, Wärtsilä Italy, Manager System Simulation

Data Driven Design applied to configuration selection

Lorenzo Brigati, Wärtsilä Italy, Manager System Simulation


The webinar will be held by means of MS Teams platform. To attend the please register here