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Production Engineering and Management

04 ottobre 2019
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Università degli Studi di Trieste
9th Conference Production Engineering Management
H3 BUILDING, Via Alfonso Valerio n.10, Trieste

Friday, October 4th

09.00 – Product LifeCycle and Supply Chain Management

Introduction by chairman: P. Pierdomenico (Wartsila)

S. Zuin, R. Saitov, M. Celotto, I. Rustemi, M. Massaroni, G. Brotto: Analysis of durability of cooking appliances through a

Life Cycle Assessment H. Bakhit, F.J. Villmer: Agile methodology for physical product

development: limitations and solutions

P. Pierdomenico: Rapid Plant assessment: application of a traditional technique in the digital era

G. Aiello: Integrating Blockchain and IoT for secure Supply Chain Management

F. Etminanmehr, A. Huxol, F.J. Villmer: Innovation of supplier selection

G. Aiello, G. Mascarella, S. Vacante, S. Fasoli: Shipping 4.0: General framework for a new cybershipping era

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