Business model

Updated 27/07/2023

Wärtsilä provides the marine and energy markets with innovative technologies and lifecycle solutions. In the energy industry, Wärtsilä offers power system optimisation with a portfolio of future fuel enabled thermal balancing power solutions, hybrid solutions, as well as energy management and storage systems on an equipment only or turnkey delivery basis. The marine offering includes power and propulsion systems, voyage solutions, as well as exhaust treatment applications, gas solutions, and shaft line solutions. Wärtsilä has the capabilities needed to combine its marine products into larger integrated systems and solutions. Wärtsilä’s portfolio of services ranges from spare parts and technical expertise to performance-based agreements that ensure a maximised installation lifetime, increased efficiency, and guaranteed performance. The company aims at maximising environmental and economic performance by emphasising innovation in sustainable technology and services.

To support its geographically dispersed customer base, Wärtsilä’s sales and service network covers more than 200 locations in 79 countries around the world. Wärtsilä operates primarily through its subsidiaries and strategic joint ventures. The company’s manufacturing model is assembly-based, thus emphasising the importance of developing long-term relationships with its global network of suppliers, which includes approximately 1,000 global direct material suppliers. Wärtsilä’s personnel is made up of approximately 17,500 employees comprising 127 nationalities. By recruiting and retaining the best talent, Wärtsilä can be the most valued business partner to its customers, and the employer of choice for current and future employees. Wärtsilä is committed to conducting its business in a responsible manner, and requires its suppliers and business partners to follow the same high legal and ethical standards and business practices.