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Record share of renewables in the European electricity system

30 min + 13 min Q&A

Record share of renewables in the European electricity system

The Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab is an open-data test environment to analyse the impact of the pandemic on the energy industry. There is a big interest in understanding how the energy markets are changing; where do we need to focus and what types of capabilities should be ready when the market picks up?

The load continues to stay low in Europe, but the sun keeps on shining and the wind keeps on blowing. This means that the share of renewable energy is higher than ever before in Europe, and we are currently experiencing a situation we did not expect to see for another five to ten years.

On 11 May, a historical record for the European electricity system was made. While coal and nuclear generation was down, the share of renewable energy was 54%.

Watch the recording of our Live session and find out how the electricity system coped in these record circumstances.


Our presenters

Björn Ullbro

Vice President, Africa & Europe Wärtsilä Energy Business


Matti Rautkivi

Director, Strategy and Business Development, Wärtsilä


Petteri Laaksonen

Research Director of Energy Systems LUT University