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How is energy storage making more money in 2020 than before?

35 min + 13 min Q&A

How is energy storage making more money in 2020 than before?

The Wärtsilä Energy Transition Lab shows extremely well the evolving electricity market landscape in Europe. We have witnessed the record renewable share levels, lower demand, significantly lower prices, challenging times for baseload generation, and more profit for energy storage installations. While the electricity prices are almost halved, the price volatility in the market has increased. Flexible assets like energy storage are benefiting from the situation, and we have witnessed close to 30% higher profits for energy storage installations in the UK in 2020 compared to 2019. Watch the recording of our Live session to hear in-depth analysis on the current situation, which is a great snapshot of the future energy systems.


Our presenters

Björn Ullbro

Vice President, Africa & Europe Wärtsilä Energy Business


Matti Rautkivi

Director, Strategy and Business Development, Wärtsilä


Ville Rimali

Director, Growth & Development


Ben Hall

Associate Director Cornwall Insight