Achieving Sustainable Container Shipping
DATE:           5 September 2019
TIME:           10:30 CET
Duration: 45 min + 15 Q&A

Achieving Sustainable Container Shipping

The strategies to meet future market demands

The container industry is facing tighter margins and increasing emissions control.  Developing the future container vessel to meet the 2030 and 2050 IMO targets and achieve reduced OPEX to remain competitive is critical.  This webinar will focus on how container vessels can be built and managed throughout the lifecycle of the vessel to deal with this.  There will be a specific focus on GHG reduction through future fuel strategy and technology to optimise the voyage, manage assets and energy.

Key learning objectives

  • How to manage and prepare for the future IMO regulations in a profitable way
  • The options available to achieve reduced and ultimately zero emissions
  • How to optimise operations to reduce OPEX

Presented by

Jorgen Strandberg_150 x 150

Jorgen Strandberg

Director, Business Development, Voyage Solutions

Sharad Sinha_150 x 150

Sharad Sinha

Segment Sales General Manager,
Merchant & Gas Carriers Segment, Wärtsilä

fredrik-ostman_150 x 150

Fredrik Östman

General Manager, Business Development

Andreas Wiesmann 150 x 150

Andreas Wiesmann

General Manager Services,
2-Stroke Services

Teus Van Beek_150 x 150

Teus van Beek

General Manager, Ecosystem Innovation
Moderator of the Webinar


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