Mobile Applications Onboard – Don’t worry! Be mobile!

45min+15min Q&A

Explore the potential of mobile applications to enhance the safety of the vessel whilst reducing administrative workload for the crew.

Sustainability is gaining a stronger foothold in the maritime industry with ever increasing need for data and reporting. It matters whether the crew is burdened with such collection of data and satisfying reporting needs.

Wärtsilä Voyage is taking on this challenge and reduces the need for manual administrative work, to ensure compliance to key environmental standards and navigational safety without additional effort. That is possible by using mobile applications onboard the vessels, already implemented as a part of Wärtsilä Fleet Operations Solution.

During this webinar our speakers will reveal to you an easy way for your captains and navigational officers to safely operate vessels and move around on the bridge always having access to all the relevant data by using our Bridge Mate tablet application.

You will also get useful insights about our SmartLog application, a smart tool within our FOS bundle that allows your crew to focus on navigation instead of administration and makes your ship-to-shore reporting as stress-free and straightforward as you can imagine.

  • Get useful insights about smart tools that help your crews be focused on navigation instead of administration
  • Learn how to get a holistic view of a vessel’s overall performance by aggregating our mobile app data with cloud computing and in doing so to identify areas for improvement
  • Find out a simple way to enhance safety and get a smart extra backup bridge station in case of emergency
  • Discover your essential assistants with the user friendly and native interface for supporting the day-to-day activities

Our presenters

Andreas Rothe

Senior Innovations Manager, Wärtsilä Voyage


Vladimir Kolyada

Solutions Manager, FOS, Wärtsilä Voyage


Kay Dausendschoen

General Manager, Fleet Operations Solution, Wärtsilä Voyage

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