Efficiency & Flexibility in the Italian Energy System

67 min
Efficiency & Flexibility in the Italian Energy System

An optimal path to 100% renewable energy future in Italy

Efficienza e flessibilità
La cogenerazione nel cammino verso il 100% di fonti rinnovabili

Through the last years, Italy has focused all efforts in renewables, getting to the targets provided for 2020, at the same time generating a problem of system stability. The production of efficient energy can be an answer and the solutions proposed by Wärtsilä are directed to a sustainable energy system both from the environmental and economical point of view. The webinar aims to open a discussion on critical issues and ideas for Italy in 2030.

Key Learning Objectives:

  • • Understanding of electricity markets and high renewable power systems
  • • Insights into the role of flexibility in high renewable systems
  • • Learn how Wärtsilä’s CHP fast starting and stopping technology can maximize total efficiency of the system
  • • Learn how flexibility is the key in achieving 100% renewable energy future