Meeting Vessel Regulations - Container Vessel Focus

Meeting Vessel Regulations - Container Vessel Focus

The container industry is preparing for the 2030 and 2050 IMO targets, while operational disruptions along the entire supply chain continue to cause significant delays and thereby contribute to the shortage of transport capacity.  


This panel based discussion focused on how container vessels can adapt and prepare to reduce emissions, ultimately to decarbonise vessels and remain competitive in a rapidly evolving business environment.

More specifically, it will include discussion on how owners are handling this now and the options available including Engine Power Limitation and upgrades that will support the move towards achieving 2030 and 2050 IMO's targets, as well as delivering benefits for the owners in the process.



Topics included: 

  • The biggest challenges in achieving the regulatory requirements
  • Technologies supporting decarbonisation
  • What are the considerations when retrofitting to be compliant 
  • Considerations on the differing approaches of IMO and Local Legislation
  • Public pressure and perception of the industry and the impact on business

Our presenters
Jan Otto de Kat
Director Sustainability, Global Sustainability Center, ABS
Elias Boletis
Director, Propeller & Transmission, Wärtsilä Marine Power
Sangram Kishore Nanda
General Manager, 2-Stroke Product Management & Engineering, Wärtsilä Marine Power
Jeremy Crossman
Jeremy Crossman
General Manager, Sales Excellence and coaching, Wärtsilä Marine Power - Moderator