Collaborative voyage planning

40 MIN + 20 MIN Q&A

For commercial vessel operators the tasks of voyage planning, monitoring and review are becoming increasingly complex. The Wärtsilä webinar explores digital innovations aimed to minimise operators’ administrative overhead caused by fragmented tools, such as distance tables, port lists, speed consumption curves and multiple excel sheets.

Live Demonstration


Our speakers are sharing the roadmap of the latest developments that can have an immediate impact to operators’ daily routine:

  • regularly updated routing guidance
  • latest ETA’s directly from the navigational equipment
  • optimised voyage plan confirmed by the vessel with a few clicks
    automatic voyage analysis

Key topics covered

  • Tools for complete operational transparency of your entire fleet at the touch of your fingertips
  • Current weather routing solutions for optimising voyage schedule and profitability
  • Optimised voyage planning starting from shore and reviewed by the vessel in a few clicks
  • Closing the loop between voyage calculation, monitoring and analysis—all in a single system using ship‑ specific, self‑learning fuel consumption models

Our presenters

Dimitris Argyros
Senior Portfolio Manager
Mathias Sennicksen
General Manager – Smart Vessel, Wärtsilä Voyage

Mathias holds the role of General Manager – Smart Vessel at Wartsila Voyage. Wärtsilä Voyage – a business unit of Wartsila Group - combines bridge infrastructure, cloud data services, decision support systems, and smart port solutions to connect smart vessels to smart ports. In this capacity, he is responsible for the commercialization of autonomous, semi-autonomous and decision support technologies in the region. Prior to joining Wartsila, he held various roles in chartering, operations, ship brokerage and ship agency with a number of shipping companies. He made the switch in career direction after experiencing numerous inefficiencies both onboard and ashore, that could easily be solved with modern technology. His main motivation today is to combine his industry expertise with the capabilities of a technology company, to remove the inefficiencies experienced in the past, and in the process make life just a little bit greener, safer and easier for everyone involved. Mathias was educated through Maersk’s inhouse shipping education, and later embarked on an executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics at Copenhagen Business School.

Vladimir Kolyada
Solutions Manager, FOS, Wärtsilä Voyage

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