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Marine Systems

Marine Systems provides our customers with high-quality products, solutions and lifecycle services related to the Gas Value Chain, Exhaust Treatment solutions, Shaftline repair services, Underwater services and Marine electrical integrations.


17 May 2023 · Article
8 min read
Bridging the gap between net-zero and now with scrubber retrofits
24 Apr 2023 · Article
6 min read
Getting to know Operational Development Manager, Barbara Kenig-Siewior
6 Mar 2023 · Article
3 min read
Bridging the gap between net zero and now - the current scrubber retrofit landscape
decarbonisation offering banner
21 Nov 2022 · Article
12 min read
Stepping up to decarbonise the maritime industry
Wärtsilä is leading the way in maritime decarbonisation, providing shipping companies with...
15 Nov 2022 · Article
6 min read
Bring in the Energy
Examination of the development of water glycol heated regasification systems for use on FSRUs and offshore jetties.
27 Jun 2022 · Article
7 min read
How much could Carbon capture help Shipowners meet CO2 targets?
Within a few years, new multipollutant scrubbers may significantly reduce GHG...
23 May 2022 · Article
4 min read
Easing LPG’s path towards acceptance as a viable marine fuel
Wärtsilä’s LPG Fuel Supply System (LFSS) makes a significant contribution to the...
8 Mar 2022 · Article
6 min read
A happy team can make miracles happen
1 Mar 2022 · Article
8 min read
Addressing shipping’s emissions with exhaust gas abatement technology
4 Jan 2022 · Article
8 min read
Technology crucial in tackling shipping’s sustainability challenge
16 Nov 2021 · Article
8 min read
Under the water is where Bow van der Weijde belongs
1 Nov 2021 · Article
7 min read
Scrubber technology to support shipping’s sustainability goals
4 Oct 2021 · Article
5 min read
In conversation with Cristina Armas
Growing up in the 90s, there was a strong princess culture, but this girl was like, I can do what I want, and...
17 Sep 2021 · Article
6 min read
Wärtsilä sees wider interest in VOC solution for offshore sector
WGS have since the beginning of the 2000’s delivered VOC recovery plant to the...
6 Sep 2021 · Article
8 min read
Wärtsilä wagers future of scrubbers on rightsizing carbon capture for shipping
18 Jun 2021 · Article
8 min read
Scrubbers: a solution for now and the future
Exhaust gas cleaning technology is still proving its worth in the market as further developments of the...
11 Jun 2021 · Article
8 min read
Finding inspiration in innovation for more than four decades
How does someone who has curiosity in his DNA work for the same company for more than...
21 May 2021 · Article
10 min read
Championing scrubber technology to meet environmental compliance
The current pace and intensity of regulatory change for shipping has never been...
Biogas:Fuelling the future
18 Jun 2020 · Webinar
Biogas: Fuelling the future
Emission reduction, cleaner fuels and regulatory compliance. These are everyday challenges logistical companies face on...
Masters of gas banner
7 Apr 2020 · Webinar
The potential of bioLNG for the maritime industry
One of the pathways for the maritime industry, to comply with IMO 2050 is the transition of LNG to...
White paper
10 pages
White paper: Wärtsilä EGCS - The Latest Technology and Achievements
Wärtsilä is the market leading marine exhaust gas cleaning manufacturer covering...
White paper
8 pages
White paper: Improving seal reliability
Since ship propulsion shifted from sails to propellers, preventing seawater from getting into the hull via...
White paper
12 pages
White paper: Optimisation and upgrade solutions during dry-docking
Ships now have to comply with the D2-2 standard, meaning they must have a ballast...
White paper
8 pages
White paper: Wärtsilä High Friction Couplings
Technologies relating to ship design and operation have evolved over the years, creating greater...
White paper
8 pages
White paper: Wärtsilä Shaft Line Repair Services
The shaft line of a vessel plays a major role in the operational and environmental efficiency of a...
White paper
8 pages
White paper: Wärtsilä Linesafe bearing
Technologies relating to ship design and operation have evolved over the years, creating greater efficiencies...