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at Wärtsilä in India

Engine Services

We provide complete services for engines and related systems globally, for Wärtsilä and other makes of engine. Our OEM services range from in situ machining, repair, retrofit and rebuilding to fuel conversions and environmental solutions. They include basic support, operational support, performance optimizers, environmental solutions and online support.

We provide full service throughout the product lifecycle for both marine and power plant customers. Our basic support offers you OEM spare parts, field and workshop services worldwide, advanced technical services and global training services for all needs.

Management Support

We are continually broadening our range of services and adding valuable products and management support services to our portfolio. In this way we can support you on board your vessels or in your power plants.


E-Solutions give added value to your business. The setup of the services is always customer specific, only containing information that is relevant for your Wärtsilä supported products. The user interface of the services support you in a clear and structured way to maintain your installation throughout its lifecycle.

Performance Optimizers

Our upgrade solutions maximize equipment performance throughout the installation’s lifetime and bring older Wärtsilä power systems up to today’s technical standards.

Environmental Solutions

Global concern for a cleaner environment is a fact of life, affecting individuals, commerce and industry. Many regulations, both global and local, have already been set to control levels of smoke, particulates, NOX, SOX and other pollutants.

From Service to Services

Wärtsilä Services provides holistic, integrated service for our marine and power plant customers. To serve you better, we are continually broadening our range of solutions by adding products and services that further enhance the value of our one-stop-shop service and expanding our global network.

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Thermo graphic Solution

Wärtsilä offers solutions for locating faults in electrical systems as well as misalignments of electrical motors, by the use of infrared camera that detects infrared energy (Heat). Infrared camera allows not only monitoring thermal performance, but also identifying and evaluating heat related problems.

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