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Electrical & Automation Services

Wärtsilä Electrical & Automation Services offers maintenance and repair, upgrades, midlife refits, systems integration, installation and commissioning of system components such as system controls, alarms, monitors, associated end devices and all connections in-between.

Wärtsilä Electrical & Automation Services today comprises of internationally established entitles with a strong presence in their respective markets and a proven capability to contribute technical leadership to the service portfolio.

Base on their technical expertise and an equally important readiness to respond to customer needs and in a result oriented manner they have built excellent customer relations and have been honoured for their true 24/7 service attitude.

Within the Wärtsilä Electrical & Automation Services all entities share their engineering and manpower resources if and when required to offer improved service to a customer. On the basis of this unique approach we can offer a consistently superior standard of technical expertise and responsiveness to local, regional and global clients.

Our aim is to be highly responsive, flexible and versatile in providing world class electrical & automation services:

  • by delivering technological leadership and engineering excellence.
  • by creating value and enhancing performance of customer operations.
  • by proving total solutions and world-class systems integration capability.
  • by maintaining and continuously developing a well-trained workforce.
  • by advancing with the leading edge of technology.

Wärtsilä’s Electrical & Automation Services offers:

  • E&A offerings - Download Brochure 16Mb »
  • Alarm & Monitoring System - Download Brochure 677kb »
  • Remote Monitoring & Vessel Tracking System - Download Brochure 288kb »
  • Electrical repair Services - Download Brochure 740kb »
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