The Wärtsilä HYTug series
Ensuring environmental sustainability

Wärtsilä HY Tug series

These newly launched Wärtsilä HY Tug designs come in different hull sizes, namely a 28m harbour tug with a 40t or a 50t bollard pull, a 29.5m harbour tug with a 75t bollard pull, and a 35m escort tug with a 75t bollard pull. The propulsion configuration is such that each design comes with the option to select either diesel mechanical hybrid, or diesel electric hybrid propulsion, and the designs are able to cover a 40 to 90t bollard pull range with the appropriate Wärtsilä equipment modules.

WÄRTSILÄ HY Harbour TUG - 40t BP 300x300


28.0m 40t BP Wärtsilä HY Harbour TUG


28.0m 50t BP Wärtsilä HY Harbour TUG


29.5m 75t BP Wärtsilä HY Harbour TUG

Wärtsilä HY TUG 75 HT ESCORT

35.4m 75t BP Wärtsilä HY Escort TUG

Hybrid Tug

The variety of missions and skills required to crew a tug mean it is a demanding and critical role in ports and coastal areas across the globe. To meet these demands we know a tug needs to be reliable, efficient and above all safe in every operating profile.
Our systems and solutions fit tugs from 700kw to the largest in the market. With the need to have flexibility and sustainable solutions we are able to deliver highly efficient conventional or LNG and hybrid tug vessels with complete power and propulsion systems, electrical and automation technology, a range of environmental solutions and much more, all of which are tailored to suit your operational needs. Our smart marine solutions are also bringing new technologies to increase efficiency and reduce costs in a safety conscious environment from smart navigation between missions to situational awareness for safety Wärtsilä is the partner you can rely on to pull it's weight.
Our deep cooperation with Wärtsilä will also ensure additional potential achievements during the vessel’s lifecycle.
Henrik Vuorinen, CEO, Luleå Hamn AB

Business White Paper: Wärtsilä HY TUG propulsion system

With regulatory compliance becoming more and more of a global issue, Wärtsilä is launching new propulsion systems for tugs emphasising environmental sustainability. The systems have been developed utilising the company’s strong competences in hybrid propulsion technology. Since tugs typically operate in or close to harbours, they are particularly affected by environmental considerations, and the need to reduce emissions is an increasing concern for tug owners and operators.

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The new Wärtsilä Eco-Friendly tug

Reducing emissions through innovative tug design.

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