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As a precautionary measure amid concerns surrounding the ongoing coronavirus crisis, the City of Helsinki, SEA20 and Wärtsilä have cancelled this event.


Horizons event: Port Cities Collaborate for Sustainable Cruise Tourism.

An opportunity for you to promote your city’s leading sustainability projects, share best practices with other cruise industry stakeholders and be inspired by the collective efforts to reduce emissions and create a memorable port call for cruise customers and residents alike.

…The innovative capacity of your city is well known.

Between us, we all share the common goal of seeing to it that the cruise industry and the cities where they operate can work together to take up the critical challenges of our times and collaborate towards solutions that will achieve a sustainable maritime future.

Together, we can create solutions that will propel inclusive development right across the global maritime sector to ensure that cruise tourism yields profitable and environmental benefits for us all.

 We look forward to meeting you again in the near future, to develop our networks, discover new business opportunities, and stay abreast of all the latest innovations connected to sustainable cruise.

HORIZONS is where collaboration leads to invention.



Environmental Sustainability

Develop and identify the best technologies to reduce environmental impact.

Destination Stewardship

In collaboration with local communities, how best to manage visitor flow and experience through ports and destination cities.


Cruise and Stay

How to ensure that ship itineraries are compatible with both longer and short port city stays.

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Next Generation Tourism

How to ensure that cruise tourism remains relevant and meets the expectations of today’s younger, more discerning tourists.


Single-Use Plastics 

How to phase these out and introduce efficient recycling schemes.


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City of Helsinki is a member of the SEA20, an international network of the world's foremost Smart and Ecologically-Ambitious marine cities, dedicated to the radical transformation of the marine and energy industries into one supremely efficient, ecologically sound, digitally connected and collaborative ecosystem. SEA20 is enabled by Wärtsilä.

Horizons is a series of events created by Wärtsilä and tailored to enable dialogue and collaboration across the political, scientific, business, and industry worlds.

Taking place in member cities of the SEA20 community, these sessions promise attendees the opportunity to come together to discuss tangible solutions, which will transform the industry and help us bridge the gap between the present day and a desirable, sustainable future.

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