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Horizons is a series of events tailored to enable dialogue and collaboration across the political, scientific, business, and industry worlds.
Inspired by Wärtsilä to bridge the gap between the present day and a desirable, sustainable future, these sessions deliver an experience and promise attendees the opportunity to come together to co-create tangible solutions, which will transform our industries and help us secure a future we can all be proud of. We believe that together we can stimulate and accelerate change.
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9 MAY 2019
Preparing the city for sustainable growth
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Collaboration leads to innovation

Horizons workshops represent a unique opportunity to collectively address the major challenges faced by our industries today. Through collaboration and design-thinking processes we invite attendees to harness the brightest ideas and co-develop concepts that show great potential for a brighter future. These concepts are then validated and developed further with stakeholders post-event. Through understanding, building and constantly strengthening our ecosystems together, we have seen co-creation as a key ingredient to sustainable development for all.

Working together with the whole ecosystem will result in bridging the gap between the present and a brilliant future. 

The Outcomes


WiPP – combined tug and power barge
Stord, April 2018

The idea of WiPP (or the Whip) is to combine the tugs of ports and power barge, which could be used to charge ships when they are steered to a port.  Smart technologies, AI and data/analytics can be used to predict the need for steering and charging. The main driver is the tighter environment regulations. The idea grants emission free arrival, stay in a port and departure. The idea reduces costs by making the infrastructure of ports more flexible. However, this may require the standardization of ships and tug/power barges. Induction charging systems are required.


Green Ammonia
Singapore November 2018

We all know that shipping needs to play its part in GHG emissions reduction. Adoption of alternative clean energy and complimentary new ship designs would no doubt be faster if the ROI was clearer. Here, green ammonia presented itself as a viable option when coupled with wind and solar energy as auxiliary power.


Containerized Batteries
Shanghai December 2018

Container vessel owners and operators today are duty-bound to optimise fleet capacity and maximise utilization whilst reducing CO2 emissions. An easily replaceable, compact containerized battery with green remote charging capabilities could address such a challenge by decluttering the main engine room, reducing maintenance costs, eliminating down-time and freeing up space onboard.


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