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Wärtsilä Autonomous solutions by Guidance Marine

Guidance Marine has built on its knowledge and experience to provide a range of sensor solutions for assisted, autonomous and remote operations.

Our product family includes sensors that accurately measure both local and global position, provide situational awareness and hazard detection as well as precise positioning for autodocking.

Additionally, all our sensors provide outputs to enable them to integrate seamlessly into the ship’s navigation systems, whether that be for automating manoeuvres, enabling remote control or for a completely autonomous system.

Autonomous solutions

We positively encourage collaboration with our customers to ensure that we develop products that really meet the requirements of the end users. As an example of our commitment to furthering autonomous vessel operations, Wartsila Guidance Marine is a major contributor to the Wärtsilä IntelliTug project which uses a Wartsila Guidance Marine’s sensor suite.

Complete Solutions

  • Provides support, installation and training
  • Advise on selecting the optimum sensor packages
  • Widest choice of local reference positioning systems and situational awareness sensors
  • Products are robust, reliable and proven to deliver optimum performance in the harshest of environments
  • 3 year warranty with all Wärtsilä Guidance Marine sensors
Autonomous complete solutions

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