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Gastech 2019
Meet us on 17-19 September 2019 in Houston, USA, Stand Q20

Gastech 2019

17 - 19 September, Houston, USA, Stand Q20

Learn new moves from the masters of gas!

The world’s largest gathering of gas, LNG and energy experts provided inspiring dialogue at the 2019 Gastech exhibition, which took place in Houston 17-19 September.

Boasting all the features you would expect from a highly acclaimed event, Gastech has seen key global players converging for one week to interact, explore business opportunities, hear the latest insights and find new products and services for the gas industry.

We were at stand #Q20, where our #GasBassadors have been on hand to impart their deep knowledge and enthusiasm for all things Gas and to discuss how we can meet your specific business needs.

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Speakers at the Gastech conference

Raymond Walsh

Raymond Walsh  Check out the LinkedIn profile
General Manager, Process Design & LNG Technology

Tue, 17 September, 4-4.30 pm,  
stream T3.2.
”Every LNG terminal deserves a good engine”


John Hatley  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Director, Market Shaping, North America

Wed, 18 September, 4-4.30 pm,
stream S2.6
”Marine LNG fuels – challenges and opportunities”

Thu, 19 September, 3-4 pm, 
stream G3
”Informal working round tables”

Kevin Humphreys

Kevin Humphreys Check out the LinkedIn profile
General Manager - Merchant & Gas Carrier Sales

Wed, 18 September, 11.45 am, 
stream YG2. Room 203
”Understanding the impact that AI and IoT will have on the future energy landscape”

Thu, 19 September, 4-5.30 pm,
stream T2.10
”Automation, digitalisition, AI and cyber security in energy

Claudia Beumer

Claudia Beumer  Check out the LinkedIn profile
Sales & Marketing Manager Wärtsilä Gas Solutions

Thu, 19 September, 4.30-5.00 pm,
stream T1.10
”Setting the standard for an automated LNG bunkering delivery note”

Wärtsilä's Programme

Tue 17th September

Gastech event

Exciting announcement

3:00 pm
Stand Q20

Be at the Wärtsilä stand from 15.00 on Tues 17 Sept for a very exciting announcement – a Guinness World Record is about to get even better. We can’t wait to show you what 15% GHG emissions reduction can look like. #GasBassador Rasmus Teir will unveil this long-awaited addition to our portfolio and take all your questions.

Wed 18th September

LNG as marine fuel 

#LNG as marine fuel – Happy hour with WinGD

3:00 pm
Stand Q20 

Thu 19th September

Celebratory toast - happy hour 

Celebratory toast with Fincantieri Bay Shipbuilding & Polaris New Energy

3:00 pm
Stand Q20 
Wärtsilä 31SG
Pure Gas Engine for Marine
Wartsila 31SG presentation


LNG as marine fuel
enabaling sustainable shipping
LNG as marine fuel presentation


BioLNG - Liquefaction of biogas as a viable step towards emission reduction
BioLNG presentation


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It was a pleasure to meet you at Gastech!

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