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Wärtsilä supports technology research by donating 1,3 million euros to Finnish universities

As part of the centenary celebrations, Wärtsilä will donate a total of EUR 1.300,000 to Finnish universities between 2016–2017. Wärtsilä wishes to support Finnish technology education and this way participate in promoting research in Finnish universities and strengthening Finland's global competitiveness.

Aalto University's field of science and technology will receive a significant share of the donation. Aalto is a multidisciplinary university that offers studies in business and art in addition to technology. Also University of Vaasa, University of Helsinki, Åbo Akademi and Hanken School of Economics are among the donation recipients.

“Wärtsilä wishes to support university education and increase cooperation with universities and the external science community. We have very good experiences on working together with Finnish universities, and we see that high-quality university education plays an important part in keeping up Finland's competitiveness,” says President & CEO Jaakko Eskola.

Wärtsilä has invested in product development and research for long now. In 2015 Wärtsilä took a special interest in product and solution innovations, especially in efficiency development, fuel flexibility and lowering environmental impact. Research and product development costs amounted to a total of EUR 132 million, which is 2.6% of net sales. About 700 people are working with product development at Wärtsilä.
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