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Environmental solutions

In today’s world protection of the environment is playing a bigger role than ever before. Global warming and the depletion of natural resources has made people more conscious of how their lifestyle choices affect the environment around them.

We are slowly but surely destroying our seas, with wastewater from ships and land installations causing eutrophication, leaving the bottom of the sea lifeless. Oil leaks and solid waste destroy entire ecosystems. Species are being wiped out by unfamiliar predators that have been introduced to local ecosystems by humans. Sea creatures die from having eaten discarded plastic items that become lodged in their digestion systems. Fortunately, many of these problems can be avoided thanks to the introduction of clean technology, safety measures, and a measure of common sense.

Wärtsilä as a company has long been involved in environmental issues. As one of the marine industry’s leading solutions suppliers, we have a responsibility to supply efficient products that can benefit both the customer and the environment. We have developed a broad range of specialised and proven environmental products, including systems for ballast water and wastewater treatment and exhaust gas cleaning.

Many of Wärtsilä’s products are designed to have a direct environmental benefit. By eliminating or reducing polluting discharges and emissions from our customer’s processes, we ensure that they can continue to operate in sensitive areas around the world.

Taking the bugs from the ballast

With the Ballast Water Convention finally ratified, regulations to enforce the use of ballast water treatment systems can help tackle the problem of invasive species.

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Clean and clear

Whether spurred by tightening regulations, customer demand or enlightened corporate policy, today’s shipowners are constantly looking for ways to have their vessels run leaner and cleaner. Wärtsilä’s Environmental Solutions business line provides the tools they need to achieve their goals.

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Wärtsilä boosts LNG capacity in Nordic countries

Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) is currently the world’s fastest-growing energy source. By 2030, global LNG demand is expected to be almost double what it was in 2012, says a recent study by global consulting firm EY. Wärtsilä is responding to accelerating demand in Europe’s northernmost regions by building a brand-new LNG terminal in Tornio, Finland.

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Wärtsilä joins Seabin project's pilot programme.

The partnership with Seabin is part of Wärtsilä's Finland 100 centennial programme. Wärtsilä celebrates the centenary by giving something back to the country, part of which is this project including a sponsorship of the City of Helsinki and Port of Helsinki.

The common nominator for both Wärtsilä and the Seabin project is the love for the seas and sustainable values.

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