Finland 100
Future of the seas

Wärtsilä celebrating Finland's centenary

Wärtsilä has a long and successful history in Finland. We have a wide range of operations in the country, and we have always been a pioneer in technology. At the core of our operations lies a continuous desire to improve, a passion to tackle new technical challenges and an ability to look forward. We adapt to the changed needs of the surrounding world and collaborate increasingly with subcontractors, customers and other partners. We develop our operations and products in line with sustainable development.

Wärtsilä’s Finland 100 theme is Future of the Seas, which combines all our key priorities: technology, environment and digitalisation

Together with 18,000 other Wärtsiliäns, President and CEO Jaakko Eskola congratulates Finland for its century-long independence. Watch the video below.


Wärtsilä has utilised digital technologies for monitoring both marine and power plant engines, as well as optimising and planning operations for years.

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Wärtsilä is a forerunner in gas and dual-fuel engine technologies, as well as maintenance operations and services, especially in developing operating efficiency, fuel flexibility and decreasing environmental impact.

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Environmental solutions

Energy efficiency and environmentally friendly values are guiding Wärtsilä’s R&D activities.

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Wärtsilä joins Seabin project's pilot programme

The partnership with Seabin is part of Wärtsilä's Finland 100 centennial programme. Wärtsilä celebrates the centenary by giving something back to the country, part of which is this project including a sponsorship of the City of Helsinki and Port of Helsinki.

The common nominator for both Wärtsilä and the Seabin project is the love for the seas and sustainable values.

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Wärtsilä’s story begins in 1834. The machinery company has evolved to a modern and international technology company.

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Gift from Wärtsilä to Finland

Wärtsilä donates a total of EUR 1,300,000 to Finnish universities in 2017 as a gift to Finland. With this, Wärtsilä wishes to support Finnish technology education and in this way participate in promoting research in Finnish universities and to strengthen Finland’s global competitiveness.

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