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Our Vision
Our Vision
Towards a 100% renewable energy future
The value we bring

We make tomorrow's power generation available today

Wärtsilä's flexible and efficient energy solutions enable the transition to a more sustainable and modern energy infrastructure, including solar and wind power.
Our highly dependable Smart Power Generation plants guarantee that your investment is always ready to generate value, from day one.

Having your power plant solution up and running should not be something to worry about. To make it really easy for you, Wärtsilä can be your one-stop-shop for your power plant project if you so desire: we can develop, execute, maintain and even operate it for you, allowing you to focus on your main business.

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    Over 50% single-cycle efficiency.
    Fuel flexibility
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    Fuel dependency is history: you are
    free to use the most affordable and
    easily available fuel, always.
    Operational flexibility
    The power you need delivered in 5 minutes – every time you need it, with zero impact on maintenance cost
    Our multi-unit setup provides you the best energy availability and reliability in the industry.
    Lifecycle support
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    We keep it in shape
    You get full peace of mind for your operations
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    Development, finance and execution.
    More than 25 years making projects happen.

    Energy efficiency

    Power plants based on multiple generating units are far more fuel-efficient than traditional single-unit power stations. They also serve efficiently on part load and in demanding conditions, enabling high dispatch even at high temperatures and altitudes.

    We offer the highest available simple cycle energy efficiency of any current technology, over 50%. On top of that, our proprietary Flexicycle™ solution combines the advantages of a flexible simple cycle plant with the superb efficiency of a combined cycle plant.

    Energy efficiency

    Fuel flexibility

    Fuel flexibility

    Wärtsilä’s multi-fuel plants enable the continuous choiceof the most feasible fuel, including solutions for liquid and gaseous fuels as well as renewables. The possibilities gained from multi-fuel plants and fuel conversion solutions represent a hedge for the future. The role of natural gas in power generation is expected to grow significantly over the coming years.

    Operational flexibility

    ​Wärtsilä power plants can be configured to suit any power need, from steady baseload generation to ultra fast, zero-emission, non-spinning grid reserve for any contingency situation, or even grid black start. They can supply megawatts to the grid in less than a minute from start-up and reach full load in less than five minutes. They are designed to start and stop – at the push of a button – time after time with negligible start-up costs and with no impact on the maintenance schedule.

    Operational Flexibility



    The multi-unit configuration allows plant availability and reliability over 99%. Wärtsilä’s internal combustion engines are designed for flexible operation, meaning that the maintenance schedule is not negatively affected by the number of starts, stops or load variations. Furthermore, our highly standardised solutions built on pre-tested modules ensure an on-time start of commercial operation. Hence, you can always be sure that the plant will be ready to supply power when you need it.

    Development & financial services

    Our dedicated Wärtsilä Development & Financial Services unit (WDFS) supports clients with advice and assistance in deal structuring and financing. It also develops independent power producer (IPP) projects based on Wärtsilä internal combustion engine technology and know-how with a focus on environmentally responsible power projects with sound financing structures.



    Project services

    The Energy Solutions Project Management organisation plans, leads, manages and executes projects for our customers. We have broad experience in building power plants in the most challenging locations. Wärtsilä’s project teams have conducted thousands of projects over three decades with an unbeatable track record of on-time deliveries. Read more in our dedicated project services page.

    Lifecycle support

    Optimising your operations and preventing the unexpected is our shared passion – we serve you whenever, wherever. The choice available extends from parts and maintenance services to a variety of comprehensive, customised long-term service agreements, including performance and asset management agreements. Read more in our dedicated Services page.


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