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OilCube - maximized prefabrication for minimized business risk

Our OilCube is a complete one-engine power plant, based on the Wärtsilä 32 engine, complete with all the auxiliaries and components to make up a power production unit. The OilCube is perfectly suited for providing power between 5 and 30 MW.

The OilCube is a streamlined and cost-efficient solution. The compact design includes a modular heavy fuel oil treatment system. Own consumption is minimized by utilizing heat from the engine cooling water and lubrication oil systems. A closed-circuit cooling water system keeps the need for water down to a minimum. Finally, roof-mounted radiators ensure the most efficient cooling in all circumstances.

All Power Cubes have a low-voltage electrical system inside the cube that includes a plant programmable logic control (PLC) and a panel mounted Wärtsilä Operator’s Interface System (WOIS™). Thus, the plants can be monitored and operated remotely or by using WOIS™ workstations.


  • Simple and reliable technical solutions
  • Compact, pre-engineered design
  • Perfect for turnkey (EPC) deliveries even to areas lacking infrastructure

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Main technical data:

Engines Wärtsilä 12V32, 16V32, 20V32
Ambient temperature 0…+40°C ( 45 special arrangements)
Noise level 70 dB(A) 100 m
OilCube auxiliary module Fuel booster with mass flow
Prelubrication oil pump
HT preheater
Thermostatic valves
Sludge collection
OilCube treatment module 2 x HFO separators
Heater HFO/HT water
Separated fuel tank
LO separator
Control system local Control panel with remote monitoring as option
Cooling radiator Single circuit, low noise on the roof
Ventilation Free in, forced out
Max temperature inside power house +50 °C

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