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Hydro Services

Wärtsilä with its subsidiary American Hydro Corporation is a leading supplier and installer of high-performance runners and other large equipment for the hydroelectric industry, specializing in design, engineering, precision CNC manufacture, upgrades and servicing of high performance hydro turbines and large pumps.

At Wärtsilä, we understand that turbines are the heart of the power plant. Hydro turbines need to work efficiently, and they need to last. Whether you’re an independently-owned power producer, a public utility, or a government organization, Wärtsilä can help you obtain more power and efficiency and extend the life of your turbines.

American Hydro

Want to know more about engineered hydro upgrades and refurbishment?

Engineered hydro upgrades and rehabilitation

From new high-performance runners to new bearing materials to improved wicket gate linkage to modernizing electrical control systems, our turbine upgrade and rehabilitation programs will extend the life of your equipment and create more capacity and efficiency within the layout of your hydro plant. We take an expert engineering approach to every turbine and installation with the goal of giving your plant a second life.
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Hydro Engineering

High Performance Hydro Solutions for a Renewable Energy Future

Turbine Equipment


Specializing in the custom design, engineering, and manufacture of Francis runners. Utilizing our proprietary software and extensive design experience, we offer the best performance over a wide range of head and flow rate ranges.


Exceptional capabilities in designing new Kaplan runners maximizing the overall plant efficiency and power output. Additionally, we upgrade existing Kaplan runners, both hydraulically and mechanically to extend the life of the existing equipment.


Innovative custom design, engineering, and manufacture of propeller turbines. Utilizing our proprietary software and extensive design experience providing modern high-performance runners.


Industry leader in the upgrade of pump-turbines. Our extensive experience in analysing the entire machine provides the ability to create innovative solutions to maximize the unit’s pumping and generation capabilities.

Kaplan conversion

Specializing in the conversion of propeller turbines to fully-functioning Kaplan units. Unit conversions maximize the unit’s efficiency and power output across a wider head and flow range.

Large pump

Upgrade of large pumps used in various applications such as water distribution, irrigation, and thermal plant cooling water.

Engineering Design & Analysis

Our focus is to create designs that maximize turbine capacity and efficiency while eliminating cavitation to meet our customers’ needs.

Analytical tools:

  • Three-Dimensional Structural Analysis, static and dynamic
  • Advanced Fatigue and Fracture Mechanics
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics Analysis, fully viscous, steady and transient
  • Non-linear Shafting Analysis
  • Hydraulic Transient Analysis
  • Interactive Turbine Design
  • Scale Model Testing
  • Performance Testing

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Gaston Shaols


Engineered Field Service

Our Field Service Representatives have decades of experience working on all types of hydro equipment, which supports our customers through every phase of their project.

Typical Available Services:

  • Complete disassembly and reassembly of hydro turbines, generators and ancillary equipment
  • In-place machining of all embedded components
  • Turning, milling, grinding on-site with our extensive fleet of portable precision machine tools
  • High Precision 3-D Laser Measurement Laser Tracker surveys and complete unit alignment of stationary parts
  • Refurbishment or replacement of discharge rings
  • Stay ring and guide vane modifications or replacements
  • Stator realignments
  • Installation of oil lube and cooling systems
  • Governor replacements
  • Cavitation repairs

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