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Our liquid biofuel power plants are designed to operate on crude vegetable oils or animal fats. The oils can typically be extracted with simple methods so that even the CO2 emissions associated with the fuel production are minimized.

We have liquid biofuel power plants with a total combined output of 820 MW. Our largest liquid biofuel power plant is the ItalGreen plant in Italy with a total output of 115 MW.
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Marseglia biofuel power plant in Italy.

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  • Italgreen, Italy
    Wärtsilä was contracted to extend a liquid biofuel-fired plant in Monopoli, on the south-east coast of Italy. The contract comprises a third Wärtsilä 18V32 diesel generating set burning vegetable oil. Previously Wärtsilä had been selected to supply the first two generating sets (2 x 8 MWe), which were handed over in August 2004.

    Italgreen, Italy

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