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Put your waste stream to a good use.

Flaring gas accounts for approximately 400 million tons of CO2 emissions annually. The World Bank has identified the recovery of currently flared gas as one of the key ways of meeting the world's increasing demand for fossil fuels. It is assumed that the gas lost through flaring equates to around 25% of Europe's annual gas consumption.

Wärtsilä has a solution to the flaring problem

The Wärtsilä flare gas system comprises flare header isolation equipment, a gas recovery system, and a reliable flare gas ignition system.

The gas normally flared can be exported, used as fuel gas re-injected, used as feed for boilers, or recovered back into the feedstock or any other system utilising gas.

The Wärtsilä flare gas recovery technology has proved itself in years of operation in several offshore as well as land-based installations. Moreover, nearly one hundred pellet type ignition systems have been supplied by Wärtsilä worldwide.

The Wärtsilä systems can be used individually but they also work perfectly together forming a complete gas recovery solution.


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