Wärtsilä sWOIS

Wärtsilä sWOIS – a smarter way to operate your power plant

Wärtsilä sWOIS is a virtualised, server-based interface system that helps power plant operators overcome common problems such as obsolescence of old systems, availability challenges and cyber threats caused by the rapid digitalisation of the energy industry.

Wärtsilä sWOIS modules

Wärtsilä sWOIS comprises of two core modules:
  • Plant operation
    The operator interface for the power plant
  • Device integration
    The interface for the power plant’s control network

Optional modules are also available:
  • Data storage
    Long-term storage of your process data
  • Reports
    A reporting system for the power plant
  • Remote connectivity
    A system for remote monitoring and sharing data with other systems
  • Management system
    Includes a backup and restore system as well as system monitoring

The above modules can be selected to form a package that supports your specific needs.
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Your benefits

sWOIS is developed for power plants supplied by Wärtsilä and offers the best possible fit thanks to our technical understanding of how your plant has been built.


A longer lifecycle and better support for your system
Wärtsilä sWOIS is built on industrial-grade server hardware, meaning its virtualised operating system can be upgraded without changing your hardware – and vice versa



View availability instantly, with reliable backup handling and fast recovery
Monitor and react proactively to the health status of any sWOIS-connected device, and easily manage system backups for quicker post-failure recovery


Monitor power plant operations remotely
The in-built security technical controls and remote monitoring functionality of sWOIS enable you to access the system securely from any location



Analyse your process data effortlessly
Process data is collected automatically, stored for years and presented in an easily understandable way, helping you to make fact-based business decisions


Protection against cyber threats
To reduce cyber risks, sWOIS has IEC 62443 standard best practice security controls built in, including a firewall, OS hardening, malware protection, user management and network segmentation




The rapid development of computer hardware and operating systems means that obsolescence and availability challenges are common problems for power plant operators. In addition, cyber threats to the human-machine interface (HMI) system are a growing issue. By utilising a virtualised sWOIS built on server hardware and implementing cyber security controls, you can prolong the lifecycle of your HMI systems and mitigate cyber security threats.

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