Rethink Energy

Rethink Energy

Navigating change in the power sector

Rethinking Energy in the Middle East

Rethinking tomorrow’s generation portfolio

AGL Energy is the largest energy producer in the Australian market. What are their experiences and insights on the journey towards decarbonisation? How have they had to rethink their business model in the changing energy landscape? Listen to experts from AGL and Wärtsilä discuss about tomorrow’s generation portfolio and the transition to renewable energy.

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Rethinking energy storage systems

What changes are needed to boost the deployment of energy storage in the Gulf? Who should invest in these assets, and what are the best use cases? Listen to experts from AFRY, ENGIE and Wärtsilä discuss the current status, potential use and market development for energy storage systems in the Middle East.

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Rethinking power grids

How should the Middle Eastern utilities rethink their energy systems to accelerate decarbonisation? Listen to experts from Mott MacDonald and Wärtsilä discuss the main operational and planning challenges to tackle.

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The business model of the power sector in the Middle East is changing. Sustainability, decarbonisation and new energy economics create new futures.
This requires us to Rethink Energy together.

Alexandre Eykerman, Energy Business Director, Middle East

New era of optimised power system performance in the Middle East

Driven by national energy strategies, the falling installation cost of renewables and power-water production de-coupling, Middle Eastern countries are gradually transforming their fossil fuel-based power generation fleets into more sustainable and diversified energy supply portfolios. As the share of variable renewable energy increases in the energy mix, so does the necessity to include flexibility into the power system.

This webinar will provide an overview of the key factors that shape energy markets in the Gulf states and solutions that can enable higher penetration and seamless integration of renewable energy sources:
  • Get an overview of the key global and local factors that influence the energy sector in the Gulf; analyse the recent impact of the low-oil-price on the region. What will differentiate a leading utility in the future from today’s energy companies in the Middle East?
  • Understand the role of flexibility in high-renewable power systems, and consider the potential opportunities for energy storage through the different segments of generation, and transmission & distribution
  • Listen to real-life case studies on energy solutions that help optimize power system dispatch while reducing the carbon footprint

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