Optimising operational costs

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The world around us is constantly changing. Changes in the operating environment – fuel prices, electricity markets, energy policies and technology disruption, to name a few – tests the business performance. To stay profitable and competitive, a key is to optimise your operational costs. Learn on this page how that can be done.


How to optimise operational costs? 

A series of blog posts discuss operational costs from different perspectives: monitoring and setting the optimal cost level, improving reliability and efficiency as well as for example applying new technologies. Our experts share insights and observations based on their experience of working with a wide range of companies in the energy industry.

Optimal operating costs by Pasi Hautakoski

Gain better profitability, reliability and efficiency by defining the true optimal operating costs of...
23 June 2020
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Improved efficiency by Simon Widd

An efficient plant is a profitable one. It comes down to a simple question: How much more money could...
29 June 2020
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Energy storage system by Malin Östman...

Energy storage can save significant costs by improving the flexibility and reliability of your engine...
27 July 2020
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Real-time data enables improved efficiency...

Digitalisation and data offer great opportunities to improve power plant efficiency. But what if you...
6 August 2020
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Gain better availability, reliability and profitability with remote support

Options for remote support and troubleshooting from a distance offers advantages in terms of availability and reliability, as well as, cost advantages. Remote support solutions help reduce operating costs through optimisation of data and also help prevent problems before they occur.


monitor and measure

Explore success stories on optimising operational costs

Be it about the need to reduce operating costs, improve reliability and availability or overall improve the power generation performance, there are many solutions and ways available. All begins with understanding the business case and ensure that investing in improvements has acceptable payback time and sustainable financial benefits on the long run. Here are examples on how our customers have succeeded in optimising operating costs and power plant performance:

Optimise operating costs smarter with the help of our experts – contact us

How can we help you? At Wärtsilä, we have customers located all over the globe, operating in a wide range of environments and business segments. This means we have experience and can help you with not just a single cost, like spare parts, but what matters most — the combination of all operating costs. Contact our experts:

Simon Widd

Simon Widd
Business Development Manager, Wärtsilä Energy Business

Christoffer Ek

Christoffer Ek
Business Development Manager, Wärtsilä Energy Business

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